About Us

The Company

Sticky Jewelry (affectionately known by some as StickyJ) was founded in 2000 by Lori Torman with the goal of selling personalized photo pins that could hold a sticky-back photo. With one engraving machine operating out of her home garage, it was hard to imagine that 13 years later Sticky Jewelry would be a leading e-retailer in the personalized and medical id jewelry space. Lori still runs the company with the help of her husband Barry and son-in-law Chris out of Saint Petersburg, FL working with a great team of employees, many of whom helped Lori start out of her garage.
Our focus is in building relationships; with customers, employees, vendors, anyone we come in contact with. Though it doesn't always result in great short term results, we value people more. We hope this mindset is reflected in all interactions you have with us, and welcome any feedback to help us in the process.

The Product

We're blessed to be able to provide product that play such important roles in people's lives:
Our personalized gifts and jewelry provide a special and unique way to remember a special moment in life. We love hearing the stories from our customers of special ways their purchases were used in their lives. We love being in the business of creating and keeping memories.
Fashionable medical id jewelry was an off-shoot of our business that quickly became about half of what we do. Around 2005 Lori noticed that many people were requesting medical conditions to be engraved on our fashion jewelry, which opened Lori's eyes to the need for medical identification jewelry that actually looked good. Since the most ineffective medical id is the one not worn, it became our goal to provide solutions for people of all ages and demographics. Though it's a different type of life event that we hope never happens to our customers, we're glad that we can provide jewelry that can save lives by speaking for our customer when he or she can't.

The Name

Our first product was an engravable photo pin that could hold a Polaroid i-Zone photo. The Polaroid i-Zone camera had just made its debut, and our intention was to create jewelry and accessories that could hold the small-format photos it produced.
The original Polaroid i-Zone film had a peel-off sticky back, so you could 'stick' the photo anywhere you wanted. We had considered several names for the company, but ‘Sticky’ was the most popular, so we named the company Sticky Jewelry.
The i-Zone camera wasn't as successful as Polaroid had hoped, and it didn't keep Polaroid from going into bankruptcy either.  So, StickyJ shifted its focus to selling personalized jewelry, and the rest is history.  If you'd like to learn more about how Sticky Jewelry began, please read a letter from our CEO, Lori Torman here.

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