Hebrew Engraving Chart

Hebrew Engraving Guide

For Hebrew Speaking Customers

Since it's difficult to specify Hebrew letters without a Hebrew font installed, we have created a chart of English letters that represent each of the Hebrew characters.  Our engravers (most of whom are not Hebrew speaking) have been trained to expect the inscription to be communicated this way.  If you are Hebrew speaking and know the Hebrew word(s) you'd like to have engraved, click: I Know Hebrew

For Non-Hebrew Speaking Customers

We are pleased to offer Hebrew engraving on most of our engravable items.  But, unfortunately, we don't offer an English to Hebrew translation service.  If you would like to engrave a person's name in Hebrew, we've provided a chart of the most common girls names in Hebrew, and a chart of the most common boys names in Hebrew.  In the chart you'll find the name, how it will appear in Hebrew, and the letter code to enter into the inscription field when ordering.

If you have a special word or phrase that you would like engraved and aren't sure what the Hebrew translation is, we recommend that you print out the Hebrew Letter Chart page and ask someone who is Hebrew speaking to translate it for you using our chart.  If you enter an English  word into the inscription field instead of using the Hebrew Letter Chart to create your entry, you may end up with an inscription that doesn't make any sense in Hebrew.

We do offer several popular Hebrew words and phrases already translated for you (see below).  In the left column is the English word or phrase.  The center column shows what the Hebrew translation will look like.  And, the third column contains the letters you should enter into each line of the inscription field when ordering.  Once you've entered the inscription characters and selected Hebrew as your font, be sure to click on the preview button to verify that it matches what's shown in the second column.

English Word or Phrase Hebrew Translation Enter In Inscription Field



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