Medical Alert ID Jewelry

Medical bracelets serve a vital purpose. In emergency situations, such as after an allergic reaction or an epileptic seizure, a medical alert bracelet instantly communicates the affected person’s name and health issue to paramedics and ER staff. Wearing a med alert bracelet means that medical personnel aren’t slowed down by the need to establish identity and condition. When every second counts, saving time can literally save a life.

At Sticky J, we’re proud to present one of the finest selections of medical alert jewelry available. This extensive line-up includes specialized jewelry designed for specific conditions, children’s medical ID tags, blank ID tags that can be fully customized, and so much more. Our jewelry is as individual as you are, and the variety of our designs and materials reflect this. So whether you go for the rugged look of our paracord active wear or you prefer your medical ID in the form of a gold-toned anklet with heart-shaped charm, we’ve got you covered!

Stay safe and in style!  We craft our attractive medical bracelets for durability,. Many items feature high grade non-corrosive stainless steel and other fine metals. You’ll also find leather, colorful rubber, beading, and other fashion materials.  We’ll even engrave the medical emergency symbol on your choice of non-medical jewelry at no extra charge. Unsure of your wrist size? No problem. Just use the Sticky J print and measure ruler. Get a wallet-size ID card free with every purchase. You can even print your own!

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