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Share Your Story of God's Healing with Others

The Healed by God pendant was created to help people share their story of healing with others. The hope is that someone will see the pendant and ask what it means, so that the wearer will have the opportunity to share his or her story.

Soon after the pendant was released, we realized that we could offer a broader opportunity for sharing through the Sticky Jewelry website, which attracts more than 100,000 visitors each month.

If you've been healed by God and would like to share your story on our website, we invite you to send us a letter, audio tape, or home video that tells of God's intervention in your life. There are many people whose lives may be uplifted by reading or hearing your story and discovering how someone else's life was changed through the power of prayer and God's healing touch.

Click on a photo below to read the stories of healing that have been submitted thus far.

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