Children with Allergies

Allergy Bracelets for Children

Allergy Bracelets for Kids

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At StickyJ, we believe that jewelry can be more than just decorative. Based on the purpose and design, it can save a life. That’s why we carry a large assortment of allergy bracelets for kids.

Allergic disorders rank number one among children’s chronic diseases. Simply eating certain foods can leave some children vomiting, gasping for breath, or covered in hives. An estimated 6 percent of American children under the age of 3 have at least one food allergy, and it's only through the vigilance of parents and child care providers that the allergies are first identified and the source avoided. One of the easiest pro-active steps you can take to protect a child from harmful reactions is to provide a means to identify the allergy so that others will be aware of it and observe the necessary precautions. Allergy bracelets are made for just this purpose.

The Importance of Allergy Bracelets

While most allergies are not life threatening some can trigger anaphylaxis, a severe reaction that affects several parts of the body at once. Anaphylaxis is most often caused by exposure to the following: 

   Certain foods such as nuts, shellfish, milk or eggs

   Stings from a bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket, or fire ant

   Latex, which can be found in elastic waistbands or kitchen gloves

   Medications such as antibiotics, aspirin, or muscle relaxants

   If not treated immediately, the outcome could be fatal.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis mimic symptoms of other illnesses, so it's vital that children with a history of allergies wear medical bracelets. This serves two important purposes. The first is preventative, as allergy bracelets for kids remind family, friends and others to insure that children avoid the specific allergens.

Secondly, allergy bracelets can play a lifesaving role should the unthinkable occur. They provide vital information to emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and other qualified caregivers who can then act quickly to administer the appropriate dose of epinephrine.

Helpful Hints for Engraving

To realize the full benefits of allergy bracelets, be sure to follow these guidelines:

   Do have the word Allergies engraved on the front of the bracelet.

   Consider adding the phrase See Other Side to alert EMTs to the presence of additional information on the back of the bracelet. Although paramedics typically look on both sides of an allergy bracelet, it's best to leave nothing to chance.

   Use the back of the bracelet to list allergens and one or more designated emergency contact numbers (preferably cell phone).

Finally, banish the thought that medical ID has to be boring. At StickyJ we carry allergy bracelets for kids in a wide array of styles, including colorful, inspiring, and just plain fun! Our sport strap allergy bracelets are fully washable, adjustable, and made to last. We also offer pre-engraved medical bracelets to identify persons with specific conditions, such as autism and epilepsy.