Backpack Health Partnership – Health Record Storage

introducing backack health record storage

At StickyJ Medical ID, we’ve recently begun introducing our new partnership with a fantastic new company named Backpack Health. One of their primary goals is to provide a great online platform serving to store and help customers access their health records anytime, anywhere.  And today, we’re ready to share with the world exactly what our partnership is and how it will affect your medical care in a positive way!

Our partnership with Backpack Health is one that will assist StickyJ Medical ID in enriching much of the medical jewelry and accessories we provide to persons around the globe. Backpack Health enables individuals to bring all of their health records together in one place via an online web application.  You can pull up your health record through their website or mobile application at any time.  Additionally, you have the option to securely share your health record with the person(s) of your choosing.


portable backpack health record storage

With the Backpack health record portal, you can add yourself plus additional family members including children.

When shopping at either for a medical bracelet, a medical alert necklace, or any other offered accessories – you’ll notice a section with pink text above all products that are eligible for Backpack Health.  The StickyJ Medical ID partnership with Backpack Health is free to you!  That’s right, you read correctly, there is no additional charge to add Backpack Health to your medical ID with so long as it’s one of the eligible items.

When shopping for your medical ID, in the personalization section of the product, there’s a checkbox for you to select which will enable Backpack Health engraving on your product.  The engraving will provide a unique URL for you to access your health record profile with.

Choose from a variety of medical ID’s in modern, comfortable, and affordable styles.  In some cases, extra space will be left over to include additional engraving on the front and back of your alert ID.  The video posted below provides even more insight into our partnership:


This partnership is one that we at StickyJ are most excited to share with all of our readers and customers!  If you’re an existing customer that’s purchased a medical ID with us already and you’d like to add this storage program to it, or you’d like to purchase a new alert ID along with Backpack Health, we can offer you a special rate for your order.  Please check your email as we’ll be sending out your special promo soon!