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School Is Back! Be Prepared!

August is here!  We know what that means – the new school year is about to begin for children, teens, parents, teachers, professors and college students!  For many, this is an exciting time of year and it’s easy to get caught up trying to get a lot done in a short amount of time.  While you’re busy buying books, new clothes, laptops, tablets and the perfect bags, remember to keep thoughts of safety in mind.  It’s important to be prepared just in case an emergency situation happens during the school day.

Get Your Doc Visits Squared Away – One of the first steps to being prepared is to make sure that students and teacher shots and overall health exams are completed before you start the new school season.  Sickness can spread incredibly fast through a classroom and before you know it, the entire school will be sick and the learning progress will be slowed down and become more strained for all. Before you start school, see your doctor or go to a walk-in clinic to get a clean bill of health.

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Check for Headlice in children – If you’ve had head lice, you know how absolutely terrible of an experience it is.  If you’ve never experienced it, you don’t want to.  Parents, please check out the Lice Clinics of America here which gives simple instructions on how to examine your child(ren) for headlice regularly. Additionally, for the first couple of weeks back at school and periodically, you’ll want to examine your child’s hair for head lice when they’re exposed to groups of kids for any amount of time.

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Purchase Safety Supplies – If your child has any kinds of medical conditions, physical impediments, mental difficulties or difficulty with getting through any aspects of the school day on his or her own, its smart idea to send them with some extra help.  If your child has allergies – these can range from food to dust, to environmental allergens, make sure they take their medicine before class each day according to their doctor’s orders.  If they have an epi-pen or an asthma inhaler, please take special care to ensure that you send instructions for use and put it in a safe, easy access place for your child or teacher to reach when need be. Kids safety bracelets are also another smart supply to purchase.  You can find them from online shops like StickyJ Medical ID at an affordable price.  Kids medical bracelets or ID safety jewelry can be engraved to state what their allergy or condition is, plus safety instructions and your emergency contact info.  Have your child shop the website with you and pick out a bracelet that you think will best suit their needs.

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With all these ducks in a row, you’ll have a better chance than those who are unprepared to make the utmost best of this school season!  Happy learning!



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