• Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ’s

       Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ’s   Q: How does it work? A: Covid-19 vaccines are designed to teach your body to recognize and fight the virus, which protects you from getting sick.   Q: What are the side effects? A: The possible side effects are typically pain and swelling in the arm where you received the […]

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  • Choosing Stylish Medical Bracelets for Women

    It’s no secret that women are particular about their jewelry and accessories. So, when it comes to choosing stylish medical bracelets for women, it’s important to find the right style that suits your needs. Today, there are considerably more options for stylish accessories that act as medical ID jewelry, allowing you to choose a piece […]

  • Engraved Medical Jewelry FAQ – Part 1

    Who needs a Medical ID? Anyone with a chronic medical condition or allergy and those taking medications should wear a medical alert bracelet, pendant or charm.  In the event of an emergency, medical emergency personnel routinely check to see if an unconscious or unresponsive person is wearing a medical alert bracelet or medical alert necklace.  […]

  • Medical Alert Technology Meets Jewelry

    Medical alert bracelets, necklaces and more have gained in popularity over the past twenty years.  Typically they’ll include a medical ID tag which is customized with an engraving of very specific details relative to a person’s medical condition, allergy alerts, emergency contact information and more.  In walks, the technology of the 21st century and that […]