• Medical ID Bracelets Are Fine Jewelry Too

      It is hard to imagine that it was only 1963 when the first medical alert bracelets came into being. Their purpose was to warn first responders of a potential health problem, had the wearer of the ID bracelet been unable to communicate themselves. The idea caught on, and the symbols used were made available […]

  • Medical Bracelets for Young Adults

    Medical bracelets for young adults are often overlooked by many providers of medical jewelry.  However, at StickyJ Medical, we go the extra mile to ensure that every age group is well taken care of when it comes to their safety.  We offer a fantastic collection of medical id jewelry for young men and young women […]

  • Selecting Medical Alert Bracelets for Women

    Selecting medical alert bracelets for women can seem like an awfully daunting task for some.  But, not for all, there are those people who are very good at making the right decisions for the woman in their life and typically those said involved parties are other women.  However, men, women, children– whoever needs assistance with choosing […]

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  • Our new gemstone bracelets will rock your world!

      Inspired by our love for mother earth and our desire to create a unique style for our customers which provide comfort, safety, and style, we’ve created a brand new line of gemstone medical alert bracelets which are sure to rock your world.  Each bracelet is handcrafted on site in our St. Petersburg, FL facility. Most […]