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  • How To Measure Your Wrist For A Medical Bracelet

    So, you were just told you should be wearing a medical bracelet.  You’ve done your research and have discovered that the selections and range of styles are actually quite stylish and diverse.  You’re ready to place your order,  but don’t know what your wrist size is.  Luckily we at StickyJ Medical ID have helped thousands of customers […]

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  • Does My State Honor DNR Jewelry?

    DNR Rules & Regulations You have likely heard of a DNR, but what is it? A do not resuscitate (DNR) order states that you do not want healthcare providers to perform CPR in case you go into cardiac arrest. CPR and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) will be withheld if you have a valid written […]

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  • Should I Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet?

      Do I need to wear a Medical ID Bracelet? Medical ID Bracelets alert paramedics and EMT’s to a specific medical or allergic condition when they’re about to start emergency treatment. Wearing a medical id bracelet or medical alert pendant is critical if your illnesses might render you unable to speak or unconscious.  The goal […]

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  • Living with Lymphedema: Promoting Healthy Lymph


    Why do people wear Medical ID Jewelry for lymph alert after breast cancer? When the lymph fluid collects in an area of the body causing swelling, it’s called Lymphedema. The treatment for breast cancer typically involves surgery and radiation; that can result in some lymph nodes and lymph vessels being damaged when the lymph fluid […]