• Selecting Medical Alert Bracelets for Women

    Selecting medical alert bracelets for women can seem like an awfully daunting task for some.  But, not for all, there are those people who are very good at making the right decisions for the woman in their life and typically those said involved parties are other women.  However, men, women, children– whoever needs assistance with choosing […]

  • Medical Pet ID Tags for Seizure Conditions

    Pets are family too.  They’re adorable and loving.  They’re entertaining and sometimes trying, but overall, they’re a hugely impactful and important part of our lives.  Pets in many ways can be a lot like their human counterparts.  They’re sensitive, they’re silly and sometimes they get sick like us too.  A larger percentage of pets than […]

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  • Medical Pet Tags for National Pet Month this May

    Pets are truly the best thing since sliced bread, maybe even better! They bring us happiness when we find ourselves in our darkest, loneliest places. They keep us company when we need extra companionship.  They continue to make each moment of our lives better just by simply being there.  Plus, they’re really really cute! May […]