Cute Waterproof Kids Allergy Bracelets

rubber allergy alert bracelets

We are taking a moment to blog about one of our favorite new products:

Our rubber and waterproof allergy bracelets for kids!

kids allergy bracelets

We’ve gotten plenty of feedback from parents (I myself am one of them) who were unhappy with their children’s’ cloth allergy bracelets getting wet and staying wet, or their leather bracelets getting drenched when their child filled up the bathroom sink so their Spiderman figurine could have his very own swimming pool. There were also concerns about the children’s allergy or medical identification while swimming. Well, StickyJMedical has the answer! Check these out! (I’m showcasing our shellfish allergy bracelets, however, Sticky Jewelry has a bracelet for many different allergies!)

kids allergy bracelet
We also have cool allergy dog tags for slightly older kids who want more of a sophisticated look (it’s also totally okay to get these wet):
childrens shellfish allergy dog tag
Does your son or daughter love sports? There’s a medical ID for that:
(The soccer ball is rubber with a stainless steel backing that can be engraved and personalized to suit your child’s needs)
soccer ball medical id allergy pendant
We also have beautiful macrame medical ID bracelets for girls who want to be safe yet fashionable:
rainbow macrame medical bracelet
Having trouble getting your toddler to wear their medical ID or allergy bracelet? Buy a medical ID in the shape of a princess or a choo-choo train and voila! The back is engravable. Both are stainless steel and can be worn in water!
princess allergy medical pendant
train medical ID pendant necklace
I saved the best for last, my personal favorite, the rubber button allergy bracelets! I’m not sure why I love them so much, but I think it’s because of the personalized buttons that came out for crocs recently. I love the idea of being able to personalize with cute and bright images and colors. The bracelet (orange, pictured below) is only $5, and each button (strawberry allergy and peanut allergy pictured below) is only $5 also!
peanut allergy button bracelet
strawberry allergy button bracelet kids
kids rubber medical ID allergy bracelet
Are there any kid’s medical or allergy jewelry items that you would like to see us carry? Please comment below with your suggestions! We would LOVE to hear from you!
We shot a quick video to show you some of these great products, check it out below:

4 Comment

  1. Martha Ovalle says:

    Hello! Ilove the bracelet is so cool.

    we are looking something fun for my son he has JIA (Juvenil idiopathic arthritis) and he is taking biologic medication and others but he has allergies to some medications.
    is there some bracelet cool like this for him.
    thanks and have a wonderful day.

    1. Lydia Roman says:

      Hi Martha,

      Yes, please visit our site and check out our allergy bracelets and medical ID bracelets for kids pages to see a large variety of medical ID bracelets that can fit your child’s unique needs. 🙂

  2. Holly Canion says:

    I would love to see a fire ant allergy bracelet!

    1. Lydia Roman says:

      Hi Holly,

      That’s a great suggestion! I’ll chat with our purchasing department and suggest it. Thanks very much!
      In the meantime, we suggest ordering custom engraving to indicate a fire ant allergy.

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