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During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes more changes than one could ever think of and unfortunately, some of the time, not all of these changes are beneficial.  Gestational diabetes, for example, can occur in one in fifty women.  It can be problematic for both mom and baby if left untreated.  It’s incredibly important for the mother to pay close attention to what she ingests into her growing belly and to frequently check her blood sugar levels and to exercise throughout her pregnancy.  Taking brisk walks which last about thirty minutes every day is a great way to get in healthy exercise. She should eat foods which are low in sugar and fats, plus increase the number of green vegetables she eats. It’s wise to avoid processed foods and take prenatal vitamins.  Getting adequate rest and taking prescribed medicine as directed are both also very important.  Some of the potential side effects which may occur with women living with gestational diabetes are an increased risk of having a fetus with an overly large head.  This can be problematic for mom and baby and it will cause the mother to need to have a c-section birth.  Another risk associated with gestational diabetes is for the mother to have a preterm birth and an increased potentiality for type 2 diabetes post birth. Miscarriages are also of a higher probability.  We at Sticky Jewelry, firmly believe that it is a smart move for mother’s with gestational diabetes to wear a medical alert bracelet.  gestational diabetes alert bracelet

A personalized, engraved alert bracelet will help to tell the medical staff that she’s pregnant quickly if the mother is not conscious and able to speak for herself and will also alert them that her blood sugar level should be checked.  We offer a broad selection of medical alert bracelets which can be personalized with information relative to gestational diabetes, medicines the mother may be taking, expected due date and emergency contact details. We offer functional yet fashionable bracelets for the trendy and responsible mommies out there! Be sure to check out our medical alert necklaces as well for a classic look for women with gestational diabetes.


gestational diabetes bracelet

gestational diabetes medical alert bracelet



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  1. Lydia Roman says: Reply

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your kind comment. 🙂 We think medical alert bracelets for gestational diabetes are amazing too. We actually have a lot of new style medical alert bracelets available for women that we’ve added over the past couple of weeks. Here’s the link to our medical bracelets for women page which focuses on safety, while still providing a fashionable appearance.

    Thanks again!

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