Fight Vicious Hidden Killers – Food Allergies & Attacks

Food Allergies and Attacks


Millions of Americans have allergies.

These allergies can be related to the seasons, animal fur, dandruff, pollen, dust or foods. Although all of these allergies are commonplace, the number of people affected by food allergies continues to grow. Some of the most common Preventing Food Allergy Attacksfood allergies include sensitivity to such foods as nuts, lactose and shellfish. Even if you have a food allergy, you can help prevent an attack by being aware and watching what you put in your body.

In order to prevent a food allergy attack and keep your body safe, be informed of what your food allergies are. If you are allergic to shellfish, ask your doctor which types of food specifically could trigger a reaction. You could be surprised about which types of foods are on the list and which ones aren’t.

Once you know what your food allergies are, you will better be able to stay away from those foods. Always check the contents label for any food you buy at the supermarket, especially prepackaged items in cans or from the frozen section. If you are going out to eat, learn to communicate with your waiter and with the person preparing the food. Even if the meal you are ordering doesn’t contain the food you’re allergic to previously meals prepared by the chef could have. Inform your waiter of your allergies and request that the surface they’re preparing the food on be thoroughly cleaned so that the allergens are removed.

A key factor in preventing fatal attacks by food allergies is awareness. If something were to happen it’s important that those around you and medical staff know you’re food allergies; and therefore the potential culprit of your attack.

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