Laser Cut Wood for Custom Medical Alert Bracelets!

engraved wood medical ID bracelets

Laser cut wood is a beautiful and unique way to take something ordinary and turn it into something truly extraordinary! If you’re in the market for a customized medical alert bracelet, we suggest taking a peek at our gemstone and laser wood cut medical ID’s.

Our laser machine takes mere seconds to engrave our specialized wood medical tags on both sides.  The majority of our medical ID tags come with pre-engraved templates added to them which create a look and style that enhance each piece.  The backs of all of our laser cut wood medical tags can be engraved with your medical safety information. For example, it’s smart to engrave the name of your medical condition, plus any allergies you have, especially to medications.

wood engraved medical alert bracelet

Our wood engraved medical alert bracelets are hand-crafted utilizing satin macrame to create an adjustable strap. They’re unisex and look great on both men and women’s wrists.  They come in a variety of colors you can select from a great range of gemstones which are thought to promote peace and healing while making the medical alert bracelet look more attractive.

laser cut wood engraved medical ID bracelets

The feedback we’ve received on our new laser cut wood medical ID bracelets has been fantastic.  Our jewelry designers just came up with the idea for and began production of these bracelets under a year ago.  Our customers have told us that they love the way they look.  They love the way they feel and they’ve not experienced any issues with the wood engraving wearing off.  We suggest adding a natural oil to the medical tag to help keep it looking great.

Our jewelry artisans have taken patterns from a wide array of popular themes including dogs, cats, nature elements and floral designs to create meaningful medical tags for all of our ID bracelets, so that rather than feeling like your medical bracelet is something you have to wear for safety, instead, you’ll actually want to wear it for style, comfort, and care.



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