Medical Alert Jewelry Gallery

In addition to the amazing quality service we pride ourselves on and the incredible staff we have, what truly makes StickyJ Medical ID great are our custom engraving options. Below, you’ll find our personalized medical alert jewelry gallery which provides extra insight into our beautiful engraving choices for our stylish medical alert bracelets, custom medical alert necklacesmedical ID tags and more.


Wearing a medical bracelet, medical alert necklaces or some other sort medical jewelry is the responsible choice for anyone that has a medical condition.  In addition to person’s with medical conditions, medical jewelry is also beneficial to people who have allergies and for those who have undergone surgeries in the past.  First responders are trained to look for medical jewelry first before administering emergency care, thereby making it a life-saving product.

For engraving, we primarily utilize our lasting laser marking or our traditional deep etch methods to provide a medical engraving that can withstand environmental elements and last our customers for years to come.

As you can see from the gallery pictures above, we offer an incredibly diverse range of ID bracelets and other ID jewelry products that can be engraved to fit your individual needs.  In addition to providing you with the additional safety you require, our medical alert jewelry also provides you with style.  If, by chance, you happen to see a look in this gallery that you particularly admire, by all means, please order your medical ID in the same style.

medical bracelets and medical alert necklaces
Personalized Medical Jewelry Selections
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