Penicillin Allergy and Why You Need a Medical Alert Bracelet

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Penicillin Allergic Reaction

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Penicillin allergies can have a wide range of reactions for those who have them. While some can be relatively mild, they can all be circumvented by avoiding penicillin and its related antibiotics. This is something that seems as though it should be pretty easy to do, right? What if you become ill or injured to the extent you are unable to speak for yourself? Will the first responders or doctors know about your allergy? They will if you wear a med alert bracelet that gives them this information.
Penicillin allergies are a sign that your immune system has been overstimulated by penicillin or a related antibiotic. Antibiotics are usually given to treat bacterial infections like strep throat and ear infections. People who have an allergy to penicillin may have symptoms after taking the medication, including a rash, itchy skin, breaking out in hives, wheezing, or even the swelling of the lips, tongue or face.
 Penicillin Allergy Bracelet for Kids

While most of these are uncomfortable, they aren’t typically life threatening. However, an anaphylactic reaction could possibly cause death. It occurs immediately after taking the drug, and, in people with severe allergies to penicillin, it can cause breathing difficulties, wheezing, a drop in blood pressure and swelling of the throat or tongue. Some people become dizzy or lose consciousness. Their pulse can become either rapid or weak.
Obviously, these latter symptoms could be quite serious, especially if you are alone when they occur, or unconscious to begin with, and unable to tell anyone of your allergy. A med alert bracelet, worn every day, removes the stress of worrying how you will handle this potential critical situation.
Women's Sterling Silver Med Alert BraceletEngraving is available for you to make your bracelet one of a kind. If you have a penicillin allergy we suggest engraving on your medical alert bracelet:
Your Name
999.333.7777    <— that being an emergency contact number!
If you have additional information you would like engraved such as additional allergies or medical conditions, engrave these on the back or if the piece doesn’t allow it, on the free medical card we offer with every order!
Penicillin Allergy Alert Bracelet

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