StickyJ is Google Trusted and Approved!

Keeping on top of new technology and security updates that benefit our customers are important to us. Google has become pretty much the authority on the Internet. I like to think of them as the invisible internet vigilantes. As the majority of the traffic to StickyJ comes from this authority’s routes when Google’s happy, you’re happy, and we’re happy.

That is why Sticky Jewelry is so proud to announce that we are now a Google trusted store!

What does that mean?

The Google Trusted Stores program (the “Program“) is designed to help customers easily find merchants who offer a superior online shopping experience. The team evaluates and monitors our performance based on our: On-Time Shipping, Order Coverage, Cancellation Rate, Transaction Volume, Trackable Shipments, Avg. Time to Shipment, Secondary Google Trusted StoreEscalation Rate (customers claiming initial concern was not resolved by Merchant), and Refund Resolution (compelled refunds).

You can shop knowing you will have reliable shipping, awesome customer service, and $1000 of free purchase protection offered. The Google trusted program is not a product warranty itself. They just want to make sure that we are offering the best and most reliable service to you.

Our Stats:

When we were approved, Google experts found that we have 100% escalation-free orders, fast issue resolution, 99% on-time shipping, and an average of only 1.5 days to ship!

You can find our Trusted Store badge worn proudly on our sleeve…aka the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, on every page at You can also look for the little Google brand check mark next to our name on search results.

We here at StickyJ have been serving you for over a decade, and strive to always be your jewelry store of choice. Thank you for all of your support and patronage. So cheers to you, for helping us reach such a great milestone!

Google Trusted Store Fights Zombies <- Just Kidding; Google’s got our back!

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