Is Sugar Bad For You? Type 2 Diabetes Diet

added sugar is bad for you

Is sugar bad for you?  In short, yes it absolutely is bad for you–added sugar that is.  Sugar derived directly from fruit is not bad for you.  But, added sugar contains fructose which is not good for your body in any way. Added sugar contains a bunch of calories that are empty and provide zero nutritional assistance. This brief, yet insightful article tells about the negative effects of added sugar and provides some tips on a healthy diet for persons diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Added sugar is especially bad for your teeth because it gives easily digestible food to the bad bacteria in your mouth so that they can easily thrive which leads to tooth decay.

An excess of fructose will be turned into fat and will cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

When a large amount of added sugar is consumed, it can lead to insulin resistance which leads to many different diseases.  The decrease in resistance to insulin is the number one cause of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes causes a variety of health problems including blindness, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, which can ultimately be fatal.

decrease added sugar for cardiac wellness

The best way to maintain a healthy diet when you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is to remain as abstinent as possible from added sugar.

The trouble with this is that sugar is highly addictive, so remaining abstinent from added sugars becomes a huge challenge for many people.  This is unfortunate and causes much heartache for persons worldwide and primarily in the United States.  One of the best ways to combat this addiction is to fill up on healthy foods so that your brain thinks that you are full and will help you to decrease the amount of empty added sugar calories you consume in a single eating.  If you’re looking for a bit of sweetness to add to your meals, then a great suggestion is to add fruits with high sugar content to your meals.

Sugar is bad and type 2 diabetes is nothing to take lightly.  Here at StickyJ Medical ID, we carry an extensive line of medical alert bracelets and specific diabetic bracelets to assist persons with Diabetes and other sugar induced medical conditions.

adjustable leather diabetic bracelets for men

Be sure to avoid added sugar as much as you can and take extra care of your body and mind by eating well.





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