What is your wrist size? Buying a bracelet? We’re here to help

what is your wrist size

What is your wrist size? Unsure? Sticky Jewelry is here to help you!

What is your wrist size? Are you sure about that? Today we are offering a free printout to help you figure out your wrist size! Many of us would love to shop for jewelry online, but are afraid that we will have to go through a lengthy process of returning that beautiful bracelet we just bought that is just a few links too short.

Enter: the Print and Measure Ruler!!!

***Please read the “IMPORTANT” section on the print out regarding printer settings before printing and/or measuring!***

We designed this to help our wary customers who want a comfortable bracelet, not a Chinese finger trap.

Click here to print and measure your wrist (or secretly measure your wife’s existing bracelet so you can buy her a new one for mother’s day?)

You’re welcome. Happy shopping friends!


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  1. Elsie Yasay says: Reply

    Hello. I m interested to purchase a bracelet for my daughter who is has allergies to seafoods including fish and shellfish and peanuts/ all nuts.

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