Alabama Do Not Resuscitate

Alabama DNR Do Not Resuscitate Bracelets

StickyJ Medical ID Jewelry is a provider of Alabama Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) bracelets that comply with state EMS recommendations. In Alabama it's required that the patient has a copy of their Do Not Resuscitate order with them at all times when out in the community, but to insure that EMS complies with your DNR order, it's necessary to direct them to the location of your completed DNR form. StickyJ Medical ID offers identifier bracelets that direct EMS personnel to look in your purse or wallet for your DNR order. It also provides your name engraved on the back so that EMS can quickly identify who you are. With an Alabama Do Not Resuscitate ID bracelet from StickyJ Medical ID, you can have added assurance that EMS will know that you have a DNR order, and that they'll know where to find it.

The metal bracelet displays the internationally recognized emergency medical symbol on the front along with the location of your DNR order, and on the back there's room for your name as well as your doctor's name and phone number. An Alabama Do Not Resuscitate form can be found at Alabama Do Not Resuscitate Form . It will need to be signed by your physician in order to be valid, and then should be carried with you at all times.

If you prefer to order your Alabama DNR bracelet by mail, you can download a DNR bracelet order form by clicking on
ALABAMA DNR MAIL ORDER FORM. Or, you can place your order online by clicking on the bracelet photo below.

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