Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Bracelets for Arizona

Arizona Do Not Resuscitate Bracelets

In most states, a patient wishing not to be resuscitated in the event of heart failure can ask their physician to sign a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order which instructs Emergency Medical personnel to withhold or withdraw CPR. And, in most states, the patient can then wear a metal medical id bracelet that Emergency Medical personnel will accept in lieu of the patient's paper DNR form. The Arizona Department of Health has not adopted a rule allowing a metal bracelet to be worn in lieu of having a paper DNR order on your person when you are out in the community, but does allow residents to wear a metal bracelet that states that they have a DNR order, and that it can be found in their wallet or purse.

StickyJ Medical ID has created a metal bracelet that will alert Arizona EMS personnel that a DNR order exists, and where it can be found (you'll need to carry a copy of your DNR order in your wallet or purse). There's also room to engrave your name, date of birth, and emergency contact information, if desired. If you have any questions about the Arizona rule or the benefit of wearing the metal alert bracelet, please contact us at 727-823-9500.

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