The measles outbreak of 2019 created a public health wake-up call, and reignited the national debate regarding vaccination safety.  It also reminded many adults about how little they know about their childhood vaccinations.  Even parents who diligently recorded every appointment with their child’s pediatrician may not have passed along that information.  And, as time goes on, we all find it harder to remember which childhood illnesses we were vaccinated against and which ones we actually experienced.  That's why it's important to start now to create an online Personal Health Record for you and your children.

StickyJ Medical ID has partnered with Backpack Health to offer a free, online personal health record solution that allows you to store your entire family’s medical history in the cloud, and the information can be entered and shared in multiple languages.  Backpack’s system automatically translates the emergency information you want to share with emergency medical personnel into the native language of the country you’re visiting, enabling first responders to read your medical history without having to know English.

Of course, it’s vital that first responders know that you have an online personal health record and how to access it, since you may not be able to communicate with them in an emergency. That’s why StickyJ Medical ID offers stainless medical id bracelets and aluminum wallet cards that can be engraved with each family member’s unique Backpack Health web address. First responders can enter that into their smart phone and display all of your emergency medical information in seconds.

To help introduce you to Backpack Personal Health Record-keeping, StickyJ Medical is now offering its popular red aluminum medical wallet card engraved with your personal health information on the front for just $9.55 plus shipping.  That’s 20% off the regular price!  Or, choose from a special collection of Backpack eligible bracelets at 20% off.  This special offer is available for just one week on the six items below and every item at that's marked as Backpack Eligible. So, act quickly.  Choose the item you’d like from those shown below or any item marked Backpack Eligible, be sure to check the box that says Free online PHR alert for EMS in the personalization section, and use coupon code BACKPACK at checkout to get your discount.  After you’ve completed your order, follow the instructions that arrive by email to finish the setup of the free Backpack Personal Health accounts for you and your family.

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