Laser vs Etched Engraving

Traditional vs. Laser Engraving
With traditional engraving, the inscription is etched into the metal using a diamond tipped stylus.  The look is very elegant, and it's the best choice for sterling silver or gold jewelry medical ID's.
Example of traditional etched engraving Example of black lasered engraving
Traditional Etched Engraving Black Laser Engraving
Example of black plated laser engraving
Traditional Not Available for Black Plated Laser on Black Plated
Example of gold plated traditional engraving Example of gold plated laser engraving
Traditional on Gold Plated Laser on Gold Plated

Laser engraving creates a solid black inscription on stainless steel pieces, or a gold-grey finish on black pieces.  While not as elegant as traditional engraving, the black laser inscription is easier to read and will remain legible. It's the ideal choice for kids medical ID's as well as medical bracelets for adults, but laser engraving is not available for sterling silver or gold.