Engraving Options Explained


Engraving Pricing

We charge $7.95 for each side of engraving.  In some special circumstances, the cost for engraving is included with your product.  In those situations, you'll see it indicated on the product page. For example, there is no additional charge to include the two line engraving associated with the Backpack Health personal health records system.

Preview Engraving

Most items offer a link (located beside the Font Selection field) that will allow you to preview your inscription in the font you've selected.  After viewing the inscription in one font, you can close the view box, change the font, and click on the Preview button again to see the same inscription appear in a different font.  In this way, you can 'try out' a number of fonts until you find the one you like best. The preview is enlarged for readability - it is NOT the actual size that will be engraved.  The black lines that you see on the preview represent 'cut lines' or 'fill lines' where the engraving stylus or laser will etch or burn into the metal.  For images on what the actual inscription will look like see our laser vs traditional page.

Front/Inside/Back Engraving

Depending on the size and shape of the item you're purchasing, you may be offered different options for engraving, for example, 'Front' or 'Back' or 'Top'.  You'll see the number of lines of engraving available, and the maximum number of characters (including spaces) per line.  You'll also see the cost of engraving displayed for each line.  Be sure to enter the inscription using upper and lower case letters EXACTLY the way you want it to appear when it's engraved.  If you use all lower case letters, for example, that's how it will be engraved.  The same is true for all upper case letters.  Since not all inscriptions look good in all fonts, be sure to use the 'Preview' feature to be certain that the inscription is to your liking.  Note: We don't recommend that you select a script font (e.g. Victoria Outline) to go with an inscription that's in all capital letters.  If you prefer a script font, it's best to capitalize just the first letter of each word. If you try to engrave too many characters in a space, the characters can become too small to read easily, so each line's entry field limits the number of characters (including spaces) that can be entered based on what we believe is the optimal amount of engraving for that item. If you select fewer lines than are available, and fewer characters on each line, the inscription will typically be larger, since it's sized to fit the item being engraved.  For example, if an ID bracelet offers the option of 2 lines of engraving with 18 characters per line, and you request just the name 'Kelly' to be engraved, Kelly will be sized larger to fit the space available.  Inscriptions are also centered automatically.