Medical ID FAQ

Who needs a Medical ID?

Anyone with a chronic medical condition or allergy, and those taking multiple medications should wear a medical ID bracelet, pendant or charm.  In the event of an emergency, medical emergency personnel routinely check to see if an unconscious or unresponsive person is wearing a medical id bracelet or medical pendant.  Having your medical condition (diagnosis) and food or drug allergies in plain view for the medical emergency personnel can help save your life!

Why should I buy medical jewelry from Sticky Jewelry?

Our emphasis is on quality and style.  Many of the medical bracelets and pendants we sell are produced exclusively for us by contracted factories in Europe, Asia, and Mexico.  We set the standard, and we perform the quality assurance testing.  If an item doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t sell it.

Nearly all of the stainless medical bracelets and pendants we produce are made with 316L surgical stainless steel rather than 304 grade stainless.  It typically costs about 20% more to produce an item in surgical stainless steel, but we think it’s worth it.   All stainless steel is hypo-allergenic, but 316L surgical stainless steel has anti-corrosive properties not found in the more common 304 stainless.  316L stainless steel is also known as "marine grade" steel, because it’s highly resistant to chloride corrosion. 

The stainless steel medical bracelets and pendants found in most pharmacies and online stores are typically made of 304 stainless, which is more likely to corrode when exposed to certain chemicals, and normal body sweat.  Manufacturers aren’t required to identify the exact grade of steel contained in their jewelry products, as they are with sterling silver or gold, but if a medical bracelet or pendant isn’t stamped with either ‘316L’ or ‘Surgical Steel’, then it probably isn’t surgical stainless steel.

Will the engraving be centered, and will it be readable?

We engrave all of our jewelry on site, and we have the best engravers in the business.  Our apprentice engravers spend months in training with our certified master engravers before they are allowed to engrave on their own.  We equip them with state of the art computerized engraving systems to help insure the quality and accuracy of each inscription.  Sticky Jewelry has eight fully computerized engraving systems at its St. Petersburg, Florida facility.

We understand the importance of engraving your medical id according to your instructions.  Our online ordering system allows you to include Special Instructions which appear on the work documents used by the engravers.  You can even preview the inscription in multiple fonts before you order so you’ll know exactly how it will appear.  When you receive your order, you’ll find a name card enclosed from the engraving team member who actually engraved your order.  The engravers take pride in their work, and love receiving feedback from customers.

How fast will my order ship?

We ship all engraved medical jewelry orders within two to three business days (M-F) from when the order is placed.  So, an order that’s received on a Monday will ship on or before Thursday of the same week.  Then it’s simply a matter of what shipping method is selected to get it from us to you.

Many personalized jewelry companies take much longer since the engraving is outsourced to a third party.  Some have a standard turnaround time of 10 days to two weeks, and those same companies charge an extra fee to engrave your order within the same three day timeframe that’s standard at Sticky Jewelry.

For customers who need their order engraved and shipped the next day, we offer expedited engraving service in combination with either FedEx overnight or FedEx 2nd day air shipping.  The charge for expedited engraving service is $10 plus the cost of the FedEx shipping method selected.  If a customer needs his or her bracelet right away, no one can beat our turnaround time.  An ‘expedited’ order with FedEx Overnight shipping that’s received on a Monday will be engraved and shipped on Tuesday, and will be delivered to the customer on Wednesday.  It’s guaranteed, or the shipping and expediting is free!

What about quality?

If you compare our traditional link bracelets to the ones most often sold in pharmacies and online stores, you can see the difference.  We offer more styles of medical bracelets and pendants, and you’ll notice that the links on our id bracelets are connected directly to the engravable plaque.  Many bracelet manufacturers use jump rings, which can grow weak over time, and which detract from the bracelet’s overall appearance.

Our sport strap medical bracelets are built to be rugged, yet good-looking.  They're made of fade resistant nylon and polyester, and they're hand washable.  Our “snap lock” clasp is ideal for younger children.  It fastens the bracelet securely, making it difficult for a young child to remove it.  And, our pre-engraved and engravable 316L surgical stainless steel plaques slide easily onto the strap so that you can purchase one plaque with several straps to provide the wearer with more variety.

What about style?

We are very style conscious!  Sticky Jewelry offers traditional styles, but we also offer trendier bracelet and pendant styles for children, teens, and adults.  Our newest styles include leather and rubber medical id bracelets, medical charms with lobster clasps so they can attach to any bracelet, carbon black plated medical dog tag pendants that reveal a bright silver stainless color when engraved, and interchangeable faux leather and sport strap bracelets.  And, we offer the option of engraving a medical symbol for free on any of our more-than 2,000 non-medical jewelry items.

What type of Medical Conditions warrant the wearing of Medical ID Jewelry?

The most common conditions that necessitate wearing a medical bracelet are Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia, ADD/ADHD, Heart Disease, Blood Thinners, Allergies to food and drugs, Insect Allergies, Anemia, Cerebral Palsy, Blood Disorders, Hearing or Sight Impairment, Hypertension, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Kidney Failure, Emphysema, Parkinson’s and most rare diseases.  Medical id jewelry is also recommended for transplant patients, persons with special needs, those who are mentally disabled, and those at risk for stroke.

What type of information should I engrave on my medical id?

First and foremost, be sure to include your diagnosis, and any allergies.  If you’re taking any prescription drugs that could affect emergency treatment, they should be listed.  And, if there’s still room, it’s wise to include an emergency phone number, and your name.  Any information that doesn’t fit on your medical id can be included on the wallet card that’s provided, but the most important information needs to be on the medical id itself, since that’s what the EMT will see first.

Summarize your condition with short, descriptive words since space is limited.  We highly recommend you speak with your physician if you are unsure about what to engrave. If you have a lot of information, we suggest you consider purchasing one of our  dog tag pendants or the plaques that slide onto our sport strap or faux leather straps, since these items can accommodate more engraving. The medical emergency symbol (caduceus) should also appear on the front of all medical id bracelets, pendants and charms to help alert the emergency medical personnel that more information is available. Most medical id bracelets come pre-engraved with the medical emergency alert symbol, but we are able to add that symbol to any of our non-medical items at no charge just for the asking. Simply select Medical Emergency Symbol (No Charge) from the Include a Symbol selection field when placing your order for any non-medical id item.

All of our medical jewelry can be engraved on both sides, and we offer pre-engraved (via black laser) medical jewelry for some of the more common diagnoses (which helps you save on engraving fees).

What are the benefits of wearing medical id jewelry?

If you’re unable to speak, a medical id bracelet or pendant may save your life.  By providing your emergency medical information when and where it’s most needed, you may prevent misdiagnosis and improper treatment.  A medical id speeds the administration of treatment, and lowers the risk of medical errors.

What type of engraving do you offer for medical id jewelry?

We offer black laser engraving on nearly all of our medical id alert bracelets, pendants and charms.  We highly recommended black laser engraving for medical jewelry so the bracelet or pendant’s inscription can be read more easily in a medical emergency.

How long does it take to get my medical id?

The normal processing time for orders is 3 business days (business days are Monday through Friday).  So, if your order is received on a Monday, for example, it will be engraved and shipped by Thursday.  If the order is received on a Friday, it will be engraved and shipped by Wednesday of the following week. If you need faster turnaround, we offer expedited “next day” service for just $10 additional. Click on Expedited Service to learn more.

What does it cost to engrave my medical id?

Our standard engraving charge per side of a medical bracelet, medical charm, or medical pendant is just $5.95 per side.

In Summary . . .

When you add the cost of the jewelry plus engraving and shipping, then consider the style, quality, and order turnaround time, you’ll quickly discover that Sticky Jewelry offers an excellent value proposition when compared with other companies that sell medical id jewelry.   We hope that you will come and shop with us soon.  It will be our pleasure to serve you.