Healed By God Collection Jewelry

The story of old testament King Hezekiah teaches us that if we believe in God's healing power and that if we pray for healing and ask others to pray for us as well, then if God grants those prayers, it's important to give Him the glory.If you know someone who has been healed of an illness, addiction, depression, loneliness or bitterness through the power of prayer, consider giving him or her our 'Healed by God' pendant.Healed by God jewelry is inscribed with the words of David from Psalm 30:2-3, 'O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me'.Pendants CR1390, CR1381 CR1801, and CR1949 (gift boxed as CR1930, CR1929, CR1931, and CR1952) are inscribed in Hebrew so that it will invite others to ask what it means, and will provide the wearer with the opportunity to tell about the healing power of God in his life. Pendants CR1950 and CR1951 have the inscription from Psalm 30 in English, with 'Healed by God' inscribed on the back.If the recipient hasn't yet received their healing, the CR1949, CR1950, and CR1951 pendants are reversible, so someone who is still waiting to be healed can wear their pendant displaying the verse from Psalm 30, and then switch to the side that reads 'Healed by God' once they've been healed. These pendants also come gift boxed as CR1952, CR1953, or CR1954.All Healed by God pendants come with a card that tells the story of old testament King Hezekiah. The pendants are also sold separately (see below).We also encourage you to share the story of your healing with others online. See the Shared Stories page on the StickyJ website for details.

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