Personalized Lockets

The art of lockets has been with us almost since jewelry making first began. The custom of giving or wearing a small ornamental case that holds a tiny portrait of a loved one has endured for centuries. Sticky J is proud to carry on this fine tradition. We’ve done so in our own special style by offering personalized lockets.

At Sticky J, we also insist on offering only lockets of true worth. So we invite you to see for yourself how our personalized lockets compare against those of other manufacturers. A commitment to excellence informs all that we do and sell, a commitment that carries over to our methods of engraving. When you purchase a locket from Sticky J, you can be assured of finding quality as well as saving money.

Our range of styles is so extensive that you can wear a different locket every day for months without repeating yourself! Choose from our best selling heart lockets and lockets with diamonds, vintage look lockets that hold up to two photos. We even offer lockets that you can wear on your wrist, a guaranteed conversation starter! With quality, selection, and prices like this, we’re confident that you won’t find better lockets anywhere else.

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