Engravable Red Aluminum Medical ID Card for Wallet

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Price: $3.99
Item # inl1000
Composition: Aluminum
Features: Very thin wallet card
Dimensions: 2 1/8 x 3 3/8 inches
Engrave all of your important medical information on this very thin aluminum medical id card. Engrave front and back. Perfect for those with a wide variety of medical conditions that don't fit on a typical paper medical wallet card. Unlike paper cards, this aluminum medical id card will not be destroyed by moisture and other environmental elements, you can count on this card lasting you for years, while maintaining it's look and important safety engraving.
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BackPack Eligible Symbol This product is eligible to link to your FREE Personal Healthcare Record (PHR) system at Backpack Health, a leading provider of secure online medical records. To opt-in and link your Medical ID with your Backpack account, click on the "Free Online PHR Alert for EMS" checkbox in the engraving area below and we’ll add your unique URL and EMS instructions to your engraving. Note: your unique linking code will be generated once you complete your purchase.
If no checkbox appears, the unique URL may need to be engraved on the back where there's more room.

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