Ohio Comfort Care DNR Pendant with 24 Inch Adjustable Neck Chain

Ohio Comfort Care DNR Pendant with 24 Inch Adjustable Neck Chain
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Price: $20.95
Item # aa4302
Composition: Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.49 oz. / 14 g.
*Requires Copy of Signed DNR Order: E-mail CustomerService@StickyJ.com/fax 727-490-5446/or mail 10801 Endeavour Way #B Seminole FL 33777
Chain Included: Yes - 24 Inch Ball Chain
Finish: Polished
Clasp Type: Bead Connector
Dimensions: 1 1/4 x 3/4 inch
Chain Width: 2.4mm
Connector End Width: 2.4mm
Thickness: 2mm
StickyJ Medical ID Jewelry is an authorized provider of Ohio Comfort Care DNR bracelets and pendants. The surgical stainless pendant displays the Ohio Comfort Care logo on the front along with the words DNRCC or DNRCC-ARREST depending on which DNR order was submitted. The DNRCC / DNRCC-ARREST designations determine when the Do Not Resuscitate protocol will be initiated. If DNRCC, the patient receives any care that eases pain and suffering, but no resuscitative measures to save or sustain life. With DNRCC - ARREST, the patient receives standard medical care until the time he or she experiences a cardiac or respiratory arrest. Standard medical care may include cardiac monitoring or intubation prior to the occurrence of cardiac or respiratory arrest. In the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest, the Do Not Resuscitate protocol will be activated. In the back engraving section, please be sure the patient’s first and last name is entered on the first lines, the physician's first and last name is entered next, and the physician's phone number should follow on the next line. You may have additional lines available in which you can enter an emergency contact name and phone number (optional). A copy of your completed Ohio DNR Order must be mailed to StickyJ Medical ID prior to releasing your order. You can either scan the document and send it to us by email (CustomerService@StickyJ.com),fax it to (727) 499-0989, or mail it to: Customer Service, StickyJ Medical ID – DNR, 10801 Endeavour Way, Unit B, Seminole, FL 33777. If you have any questions, please call us at 727-823-9500.
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