What To Engrave On A Medical ID Bracelet

Video: What to Engrave on Medical ID Jewelry

In this video, we asked a local paramedic what information is more important to have engraved on a medical id bracelet, medications or medical conditions.

Video Transcription

What's more important to list on my medical ID, my medications or my medical condition?

What's more important to have on the medical id are things like allergies, or medical problems.  Medications change all the time, so what's more helpful for us as far as medications go, is to carry a list.  What doesn't change (as often) are if you have a heart problem, what type of heart problem?  Do you have Diabetes?  Are you taking insulin?  Things of that nature.  What are your allergies?  ...Those are things that don't change so often, so those are more important to have.  Medicines change all the time; so, having a list is more important than having that engraved.  But, having the information as far as what you do have and what you are allergic to; those things are very important to have engraved.

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