Medical Jewelry Reviews

Medical Jewelry Reviews

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At StickyJ Medical ID, we recognize the importance of feeling confident in a company and it’s products before you decide to make a purchase.  You want to be sure that your medical ID will be reliable if an emergency situation happens to you or someone you care for.  Plus, you want to feel confident that you’ll like the way your medical jewelry looks and feels because you’ll be wearing it daily.  We think one of the best ways to instill this confidence is through medical jewelry reviews from your peers. Below you’ll find testimonials from everyday people who have taken the time to share with us their honest feelings about the products they’ve purchased, the online shopping experience they’ve had with us throughout the years, and more.


Medical Bracelets for Women

Traditional Medical ID


Jenifer W.

I just had to write you guys to thank you for the excellent work you did with my medical ID. I looked everywhere for something that would be attractive looking, not to pricey, accurate but quick. Accuracy is so important for me. You guys did it perfectly and you did it quickly. And the engraving is neat and clean. I appreciate this very much. You have no idea. Thank you for a job well done. I genuinely appreciate it and had to share.

If there are any specific places that you would like me to write a review online, please share. Because I would love too. 🙂 Please keep safe and stay well! Thank you ever so much for your work.

Jenifer W.

– One very happy and more secure when she’s alone, customer :-)))



customer review medical alert bracelets

” I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff members. This is my first time having to use a medical bracelet and just the fact alone that my health is not what it used to be has been devastating. I decided to use your company just by browsing the internet, and I must say, you all are the best in communication as well as customer service and I have not even received my order yet! Your reviews were phenomenal and very impressive. Thank you so very much, another customer for life”.

Christina McPeters – Received January 9, 2019

“Thank you for your reply.  And thank you even more for the integrity of service that StickyJ continues to give to the product and medical care of the customers they service.  For truly the product you sell does affect our medical care.  I wear my medical ID bracelet in the ‘hopes’ that I will never need it, yet with the assurance that if I do – the quality of the product I purchased will provide the medical personal with the information I want them to have.  Yet again, your email reassures me that StickyJ is a company I can count on.

Blessings to you all.”

-Pam Parker – Received on January 8, 2019



7-09-18– slim ladies medical alert bracelet

“It is my honor to give you such a Great Honor to give A GREAT

REVIEW! It has been a very long time since I have ordered

anything that came & was more than I expected.

I am a Firefighter Mom ( Fundraiser Coordinator \ Auxiliary

President) of the Volunteer Department my daughter is on.

She had ordered me a beautiful watch that said “Firefighter Mom”

on it, as a Mother’s Day gift. I wore it for 2 days & it stopped.

I was heartbroken. I am having a VERY HARD time getting

the company to call me back. I have tried so many times.

So with that experience, I am a little gun shy of ordering anything

online. I have never been big on ordering online. I prefer to get

my hands on the item – look it overlook at the quality of the product.

But Your Company gives me a ray of hope on that.

Thank You for top quality customer service!

NOTE: I mentioned my career to point out to any of your

future customers that even Law Enforcement can order

that perfect piece from your company & not have to worry

about the felons, we deal with having a BIG chance of

seeing their information.  As a member of Law Enforcement

this is what we consider a security risk.

Have A Blessed Day!”


-Correctional Center Officer

Carmelia Bannan

Midwest Missouri

“You honestly have the best order tracking system by far that I have ever seen. It’s clear, complete and concise. I almost want to just buy stuff for the pleasure of tracking it. What is wrong with everyone else!!!!” – Elizabeth – 6/28/18

Call-in – 6-19-18

“Isam Alsharif just called to ask about our medical bracelets.  During the conversation, she explained that she called to let us know what a good job we are doing.  She wanted the staff to know so they would have a good day.

She also said she really liked a video she watched from us.”

Safety Clasp Medical Alert Bracelet

Received – 4/2/18 – I just wanted to let you know that we got the bracelet you made for our daughter on Good Friday and WOW it’s soooo beautiful.. thank you for answering the phone while I was trying to place my order to help me with that in “real time”; that was not only incredibly helpful, the lady on the other end was SO sweet and caring <3.  Our 14-year-old daughter absolutely LOVED how beautiful it looked, how comfortable it is, and that she can put it on and “forget about it” because it won’t break, rust, or otherwise fail her.  As her parents, we have that peace of mind as well knowing that those stainless bracelets wear like iron and will speak for her when she cannot speak for herself.  This is our second bracelet from your company, (which is why we came back: we were so happy with the last one, it was easy to know where to get this one!); and where many companies are getting lax in both quality and service, the same cannot be said for your company!!  Thank you for being a leader in the industry for both quality and service!!


The Webster Family

Steel Medical Bracelets for Men

black steel medical alert bracelets for men

Alan  06/21/2017 


Received my order today and just wanted to say a million THANKS!!!  Everything was perfect and absolutely love all three bracelets.  Awesome job to everyone involved!!!

Thanks again and will be placing another order soon.





custom gold medical alert bracelets


Bryden Gold Medical ID Bracelets

Lorna J Martin  03/21/2017

I could never express to you the difference that your Customer Service Rep Pat made for me in helping me to order my Medic Alert bracelet.

She truly deserves a PRIDE Award (Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence). I had broken my medic alert bracelet and it was beyond repair, I spent nearly 6 hours trying to get a bracelet ordered, but it was a very trying task with all that I was needing on it. I was stressed out and thoroughly discussed with your website and Pat took it upon herself to help me find what I needed and placed the order for me. Within 2 emails I had everything that I needed and she had found me some choices that would hold all that was needed for my bracelet. I was needing something stylish yet durable as I am in banking, farming and work outdoors with Boy Scouts. I could never Thank Pat enough for all that she had done to help me. Every day you can hear that this or that has gone wrong and not enough people take the time anymore to say Thank You for all that you had done to help me and ease the stress that I was having to look for and desperately needing. Please feel free to contact me with any questions in regards to this at 712-259-0547. Just so you know in my eyes Pat is a Rock Star!


custom beaded medical alert bracelets for women



Turquoise Beaded Medical Alert Bracelet for Women

Marisa Daniel  12/19/2016 

Hello, my name is Marisa Daniel, I’m a 21-year-old mom/nursing student/wife and I’m also a diabetic. On November 1st I was in a car wreck and I fractured 2 vertebrae in my neck. The wreck was due to high blood sugars/sickness and overall poor health. If the paramedic that arrived hadn’t known who I was and knew I was a diabetic, who knows when my high blood sugar would have been addressed. I realized how important it was after all that for me to get a medical ID because even though I hope nothing like that ever happens again, it could, something could happen and people need to know that I am a type 1 diabetic. I have had this disease for 8 years, I’ve had all kinds of Medical ID’s and the one I have recently ordered is by far my favorite. It is absolutely gorgeous, I can’t speak for the graving (we will see how it holds up haha), but I just wanted to say thank you for what this company does because it’s hard enough living with certain illnesses let alone having to wear something to let people know about it!

So thank you for making gorgeous pieces of medical jewelry for those of us that need it!  Best Wishes, and thanks again!

Custom Engraved DNR Bracelet for Men

Jeff White – February 12, 2018ems dnr bracelets for men and women

Hello Chris, Rebecca, Cindy, Jacob, Trevor, Evan, All,

I ordered a DNR bracelet from you folks last week.  It arrived today, a day early!

I suppose you can imagine that ordering a DNR bracelet is not a decision that is made lightly.  When one does so, though, it’s good to know that one has ordered it from a company that cares about its work.  That I could check in unobtrusively and see the status of the bracelet was reassuring.  Thank you for working so quickly and carefully to deliver this it to me.  It means a lot.  Don’t ever give into the temptation to believe that your work doesn’t matter because it does.  Every day.

I wish you all well.    Jeff

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