Amethyst Awe

Amazing Amethyst: Jewelry That’s Personalized & Medical

  Amethyst Awe – beautiful gem, February’s birthstone, rich history, and healing powers? “The February-born shall find sincerity and peace of mind, freedom from passion and from care, if they an amethyst will wear.”   (author unknown) Fun Facts: Amethyst is very well known — from ancient times — as a sobriety stone. 1. The […]

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Origin of the Medical Emergency Symbol

Medical Emergency Symbols: What the heck is with all of the snakes? In medical circles, there are two very similar symbols that represent healing.  One is known as the Caduceus.  The other is the staff of Asclepius. The Caduceus symbol, which has two snakes on a pole that’s topped with wings, is most closely associated […]

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