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  • Healthy Travel Packing List for 2021

    Healthy Travel Packing List Planning your next trip? Before you pack your bags, you’ll want to consider the healthy travel packing list below, recommended by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Taking the time to make a packing list will help you to feel more prepared, which will ensure a relaxing and fun vacation. […]

  • Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ’s

       Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ’s   Q: How does it work? A: Covid-19 vaccines are designed to teach your body to recognize and fight the virus, which protects you from getting sick.   Q: What are the side effects? A: The possible side effects are typically pain and swelling in the arm where you received the […]

  • What is diabetes?

    What is diabetes? In this blog, we will cover the basics of diabetes and how wearing a medical id can be lifesaving. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Diabetes Statistics Report for 2020, as of 2018, approximately 10.5% of the American population had diabetes. More than 1 in 4 people were […]