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5 Important Breast Cancer Symptoms to Watch For!

5 Important Breast Cancer Symptoms to Watch For!

18th Apr 2022

breast cancer symptoms to watch for

Your health is a part of your life, that you should always put at the top of your priority list. If you’re not healthy, how will you be able to help others and contribute to your family and your community? If you’re a woman and breast cancer runs in your family, then the chances of you being diagnosed with breast cancer are significantly higher than it is for women who don’t have that same history in their family. Because of this, it’s important to visit your doctor and have regular breast cancer examinations to keep a close eye on your breast health. Here are 5 important breast cancer symptoms to watch for!

1. A sudden change in the size of your breast

2. Redness and or swelling in your breast

3. Lumps inside the breast or underarm region

4. Sudden discharge from your nipples

5. Pain in a specific area of your breast that stays

If you find yourself noticing any of these early warning signs of breast cancer, it’s important to get into to see your doctor straight away! If your doctors can diagnose you early, then they can immediately help you begin to take the necessary steps towards treatment which means a better chance for a positive outcome.

breast cancer awareness

Additionally, it’s a smart idea to educate yourself about Breast Cancer and to spread that education through awareness in your local and online communities. Search for breast cancer blogs on Google and find one that you appreciate and follow it so you can get regular updates and information related to important breast cancer topics. Another great source for information is YouTube. Find a channel you like and subscribe to it. Videos are awesome resources for learning because often times it’s easier to describe and inform through that sort of hands-on medium.

If you get diagnosed with breast cancer, you’ll likely begin treatment straight away to help kill the cancer cells before they have a chance to spread further. Cancer treatments vary, but some side effects can cause a whole new set of ailments to come about one of which is named Lymphedema. It can come on to the reduction of lymph during treatment and causes swelling and pain in the limbs usually more so in the legs and arms. It’s a good idea to get a lymphedema bracelet and compression socks to help you keep you safe and to help you feel more comfortable if this occurs.

pink lyphedema alert medical bracelet

Breast cancer is a lifelong battle for some, for others, it’s more short-winded. Regardless of the duration, breast cancer is not an easy feat and you’ll want to take all the necessary front-end precautions to avoid getting breast cancer if at all possible. Take care of your body, be sure to visit your doctor on schedule annually and give yourself at home tests just to make sure that all is well and that you don’t have any of the breast cancer symptoms mentioned in this article.

Best of luck to you and your loved ones!