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Back to School Supplies List

Back to School Supplies List

23rd May 2022

back to school medical alert bracelets

It’s back to school season and with this special time of year comes a hefty list of events and necessities to get things moving on the proper track to ensure that teachers, students, and parents are as prepared as possible for whatever the school days will bring!

Because of all the time it takes to focus on gathering supplies, getting the kids, teenagers and young adults ready to go, we at StickyJ Medical ID thought it a good idea to provide everyone with some assistance and have taken the time to put together a small, but an efficient list of back to school supplies.

back to school supplies

1. Classroom supplies

Standard classroom supplies include lined paper, three ring binders, pencils, pens, sometimes crayons, erasers, and more. In addition to all of these standard classroom supplies, often times in specialized schools, students will be required to bring in additional items such as pencil cases, color pencils, markers, chalk, etc.

2. Clothes

New clothes for the new year are an easy way to get a fresh start. Parents and their children will take to the malls, outlets, boutiques and more to find fresh new outfits which are trendy, while still remaining comfortable and within the guidelines for the school dress code.

3. Technology

Technology is an important part of most American classrooms these days. It’s become the standard for most students to purchase calculators including graphic calculators for math classes, but also in many schools, it’s now required to bring USB flash drives to maintain files. In addition, some classes will require that students bring tablets or laptops. Here at StickyJ Medical ID, we carry a selection of USB products which additionally can be custom engraved with a variety of styles to reflect the students’ personalities.

custom engraved usb medical alert dog tag

4. Safety supplies

Our last, but certainly not least category to discuss are safety supplies. Students and teachers who have medical conditions or allergies can strongly benefit from wearing medical alert jewelry. Medical ID bracelets and medical other varying medical items such as medical ID tags are an important way to maintain optimal safety. Everyone can visit our site and shop our extensive collection of medical alert bracelets, necklaces, pendants and more which can be specifically engraved with medical conditions. For example, an epilepsy bracelet is an important way to let other students and teachers know of this dangerous condition and how to treat should the student have a seizure during school.

custom robot shaped medical alert necklace for kids

black engraved medical ID bracelet

engravable gemstone medical charm bracelet

We wish for everyone to have a productive and amazing school experience this season. One where the students gain new and exciting knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world around them and that the teachers and parents can rest well knowing they’ve helped to make a difference.