Cancer Awareness this February

cancer medical alert bracelets
Cancer is a non-discriminatory disease that takes an emotional toll on us all.  It does not care what nationality you are, what age you are, the kind of music you listen to or whether you prefer dogs over cats.  It affects us all; men, women, and children.  The most common kinds of cancer are lung, breast, colon…Not only does cancer affect everyone, but it also strongly affects every part of their lives.  It attacks their health and in the process, it also severely attacks their bank accounts.  Cancer treatments can costs upwards of $30k a month in some circumstances.  Even with excellent insurance plans, cancer patients are still draining their bank accounts to pay for doctor visits, necessary scans, and medicines for treatments, plus all of the side effects which inevitably will come along with it. Please check out the infographic I’ve included below for more details.
We at StickyJ are committed to assisting cancer patients as best as we’re able and offer many medical alert wares to aid in the process.  We’ve recently come up with some amazing new designs for cancer survivors and for those persons who are currently still undergoing treatment for the illness.  The designs are part of our colorful medical alert silicone bracelet collection.  Each bracelet comes with a latex-free silicone band, plus two surgical grade stainless steel plaques which can be engraved with both our traditional and black laser engraving methods.  The new line will come with one plaque for medical alert engraving including a free engraved medical symbol, plus a second fun and fashionable plaque with an inscription relative to cancer.
                                        breast cancer awareness braceletcancer cure alert braceletcancer medical alert bracelet
Cancer awareness day falls on a Tuesday this year. Tuesday, February 4th to be exact.   Our ultra caring team here at StickyJ has thought that it would be wonderful if we can find a way to give back to those who are fighting cancer or are related to someone with the illness in any way.  That being said, we’ve elected to donate proceeds in the amount of $4 from every one of our new silicone cancer medical alert bracelets sold during this upcoming weekend. Shop here to purchase yours.
With much love and appreciation from our families to yours, we wish you a pleasant medical alert shopping experience with us and a healthy, abundant life.