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Child Safety Medical ID’s Help Put Mom at Ease!

Child Safety Medical ID’s Help Put Mom at Ease!

18th Apr 2022

mom and son blowing large bubble

Medical ID’s for added Child Safety

If you’re a mom and you feel like you’re always moving at lightspeed to take care of your family and yourself – you’re not alone. Lots of moms are singing the same tune. And, chances are, your stress levels are probably pretty high. To help keep your stress managed, its a good idea for you to make sure that you’ve put specific measures in place to ensure your child’s safety as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a medical alert bracelet or safety ID jewelry to fit your child’s unique safety requirements.

A medical ID for your child could be the life-saving difference in an emergency situation if they’re found alone or unable to communicate for themselves.

One of the issues that some moms run into when buying child safety jewelry is that their children don’t want to wear it. As a mom, you’ll want to do your shopping due diligence and find your child an alert ID that they like. There are plenty of fun patterns and styles available that kids will be excited to wear, you just need to find them.

StickyJ Medical ID carries a full selection of sports strap medical bracelets for kids in patterns with butterflies, cars, stars, bugs, and more that kids like, so they’ll not put up a fight when it comes to wearing it every day. Additionally, you can order more than one strap to interchange with the engraved ID tag. This is beneficial in a couple of ways. One – your child gets to switch up their style. Two – if it gets dirty, you can throw that strap in the wash and use another in its place till it’s clean and dry.

baseball themed childs medical id bracelet

In addition to the look of the child safety ID, you’ll want to ensure that you select one that’s comfortable too. If it’s not comfy than it’ll be pulled off the first chance your little one gets. At the rate that children grow, you’ll want to invest in a child safety ID that’s adjustable and can have its size increased to fit their wrists accordingly. Another alternative to an adjustable bracelet is to select a kids ID necklace. Comfortable materials like soft leather nylon and macrame make good selections for kids safety bracelets.

blue paracord custom medical braceletrobot medical necklace for kids

Customize the child safety jewelry you’ve selected with engraving to specify your child’s needs and to include your contact information just in case there’s an emergency. If your child has food allergies, you can have them engraved on the ID jewelry along with care instructions that tell what to do should they come into contact with one of those allergens. Many moms get the phrase Uses Epi-pen engraved on the front or back along with the name of the food allergen they have.

allergy medical id tag

StickyJ Medical ID engraves their medical ID’s with laser and needle etch techniques to provide an appearance that looks nice but is also easy to read.

Being a mom is tough enough without having to constantly be worrying about whether or not your child will receive proper care when you’re not with them. Child safety jewelry is one big and easy way to effectively give mom some much-needed peace of mind by helping to put some of her worries at ease.