Common Signs of Autism in Toddlers

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With the percentage of young children being diagnosed with autism on the rise, it is of no surprise that many parents are taking the time to educate themselves as to what the signs of autism in toddlers are.

Some of the common symptoms that are the first to alert parents to the possibility of the disorder are: avoiding eye contact, difficulty expressing needs and emotions, does not enjoy being embraced or comforted by anyone and doesn’t seem to understand signals from body language or expression.

If as a parent or guardian you begin to register any of these symptoms with your toddlers, it’s a smart idea to talk with their doctor about it and request an autism screening as quickly as possible.

Some additional symptoms that are indicators of Autism in children are:

  • Has trouble relating to others including other children
  • He or she is sensitive to smell, taste or sound
  • Prefers isolation over playtime with friends or family
  • Repeats words or actions more than a couple times

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As a parent of a child with Autism, it’s important to put their safety first by arranging safety in your home.  Children with autism are prone to wandering in the middle of the night, so you’ll want to make sure the doors are always secured but also that they’re not going to get into anything potentially dangerous if they make they’re way out of the bedroom while you’re still asleep.

Additionally, when thinking of your child with autisms’ safety, it’s a smart idea to get him or her an alert ID bracelet or autism bracelet many of which are designed so that your small child cannot remove it on their own. Companies such as StickyJ Medical ID do an excellent job of engraving and can laser etch whatever specific instructions onto the front and or back of the bracelet that you feel will assist them the most in case an emergency situation arises.  They can also offer you assistance with what should be engraved.  It’s important to have their autism bracelet say if they’re prone to wander, that they have autism, that they self-harm if that’s the case and be sure to put your name and immediate contact information on it as well.

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If you suspect your child is autistic, watch for any of the above symptoms of autism in toddlers and if you’re unsure, go ahead and schedule a screening.  From there, do all you can to educate yourself on how best to help your child and yourself to live safe and positive lives.



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  1. C says: Reply

    I’m autistic and don’t appreciate being called emotionally draining. Raising an autistic kid is only emotionally draining when you refuse to accept it and only notice how atypical your child is rather than accepting what is their normal and working with it. Behavior gets worse when you try to fight autism instead of understand it.

    1. Lydia Roman says: Reply

      Hi and thank you for your comment, we meant no disrespect with the choice of words used in our post, but understand how it appears that way. We will take that part of the article out. Thanks again for your feedback.

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