Easter with Allergies: The Pollen Has Risen

April 5th is just around the corner so get your Easter baskets and pastel baby animal decorations ready!

A lot of us at StickyJ know that celebrating Easter isn’t always easy when you’ve been under attack by spring time & food allergies.

Holidays are generally very food-centric. This can be a big challenge for those with food allergies, especially kids. Adults that aren’t aware of a child’s allergies may be all too kind and giving during these holidays. Teaching kids the importance of saying “No thank you, I can’t” to offers of unknown or unapproved food could mean life or an Easter spent at the E.R.
It’s not just the sweet treats and colorful eggs that lurk in the dark corners of this bright holiday! Sometimes, enough Claritin in the world can’t stop Spring time allergens from wreaking havoc on our systems! Those, on top of any pet allergies make for a rough Easter for you or your beloved kiddos.
Rather than focusing on all the lost traditions, remember that your kids don’t know what this holiday is “supposed” to bring. Create new ones with them that are unique to your family and it’s allergy needs. My mom made the BEST Easter baskets. we looked forward to them almost more than Christmas morning. We might get one chocolate bunny or Reeces something, but the main gift was cute spring flip flops, hair ties, maybe a movie for the family. You can find lots of fun cute gifts at the Dollar Store, Target, or Oriental Trading (if you plan for shipping time).

No basket was complete without new toothbrushes! She was famous for her Easter basket nod to dental hygiene. It was very special to us and I can’t wait to share the tradition with my kids.

Allergens to Avoid!

Not so Egg-cellent

If you or a family member have an egg allergies you don’t have to call it quits on decorating eggs! There are plenty of foam or wooden eggs in stores that you can decorate. Try using stickers or puff paint on plastic eggs – each kid can find their own during an Easter egg hunt!
Another very artsy creative idea (especially for older kids) is paper mache eggs. All you need is glue, colored string, and an egg mold. Plus a lot of newspaper to lay out, soap, and patience haha.


Don’t forget that the allergen doesn’t have to be ingested! Touching contaminated cups / cutlery, toys, hands, etc.. could be dangerous. Doctors state that kids put their hands in their mouths up to eighty times an hour! A skin contact alone may not be severe but it could turn into an oral exposure in a second.

Lungs Full?

Tree pollen. It’s the main culprit for spring time misery; the atrocious allergen, if you will. Warm weather brings the pollen from the bloom straight to our nose resulting in sneezing, congestion, runny nose, itchy or watering eyes, coughing, or even asthma attacks.

So no matter how tempting it may be to have an open “fresh” house for Easter, it may be best to keep the windows closed for a safe sanctuary.

It Bites

Nature isn’t just sending airborne attacks in Spring. Many insects and reptiles are using the warm weather to come get you! Ticks can thaw with the snow after a cold spell to rise like blood sucking zombies with you or a family pet as their target. Use bug repellent with DEET to keep them away, and always do a full body check after outside play. Mosquitoes and Snakes also can create concern when winter fades away. Being watchful and prepared can keep everyone happy and healthy with Easter.

Furry FriendsHello My Name Is...Allergies

Dogs, cats, and even Bunnies have dander and saliva that could cause allergic reactions, even anaphylactic shock depending on the severity of the allergy. Remind parents and kids of your child’s allergy so everyone can help be on the watch in case the kiddo falls to temptation.
I was reminded that it’s not just what the pet has on it, but where the pet has been and what it’s been doing. Rolling in the grass to then be used as a pillow could be bad news bears for a grass weed allergy. A peanut butter treat a few minutes ago could be passed with an innocent slobbery kiss.
Creating fun Allergy name tags can help keep everyone celebrating Easter with you on the lookout! And of course keeping a medical alert bracelet up to date.

Good Food

You know what food allergies to look out for, so here are some fun recipes that may fit your no-this / can’t-have-that needs!


Rice Krispie Eggs or Bunnies!  (*obviously make sure they ARE GF)


Prep time    |     Cook time      |        Total time

5 mins          |         10 mins          |           15 mins


  • 3 TBS Earth Balance {Soy-Free} Butter
  • 5½ cups Mini Marshmallows
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies
  • Spectrum Shortening

*You’ll also need medium-large plastic eggs


  1. In a large pot over medium heat, melt the butter.
  2. Add the marshmallows and stir continuously until all is melted.
  3. Remove from heat and add in rice krispies.
  4. Wash and dry the plastic eggs. Grease the inside of the eggs with the Spectrum Shortening.
  5. Press the rice krispie mixture into both sides of the egg {add treat to the center, if desired} and close for 10 minutes until cooled.
  6. Remove cereal treat from plastic egg. Enjoy!

Need to make your own Marshmallows to make sure they’re “clean”? Kids with food Allergies has a recipe for that too!


Bunny, Chick, Egg, and Basket Easter Cookies!


Go to your local health food store to find a cookie mix that fits your needs (gluten free, egg free, dye free, etc). Find dye that you can use and go crazy! Using an oval cookie cutter, you can make all sorts of  adorable Easter cookie designs.

Have a wonderful, safe, and Happy Easter!

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  1. Taking good care of yourself is very important especially when you have allergies. Having enough sleep and rest will be a big help to combat your allergies especially in easter season. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

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