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Enjoying the Holidays with Diabetes

27th May 2022

Doing Diabetes Right this Holiday Season

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again! Living with Diabetes is possible. You control your Diabetes, not the other way around! This can be hard to believe, especially around the holidays. But this year, you can put living, living, and lots of laughing first. Here are some easy tips!

Be prepared!

– Make sure you have all of the testing and emergency supplies you need.

– Have your most stylish Diabetic bracelet on. You know, the one that goes with everything!

– Consider downloading one of the great mobile apps for Diabetes management.

We recommend:

  • Glucose Buddy – Diabetes Logbook Manager w/syncing, Blood Pressure, Weight Tracking By Azumio Inc.

It’s received a 4.4/5 star rating, has been featured in ADA’s Diabetes Forecast magazine, Wired Magazine, and, best of all…it’s FREE!

  • Diabetes Tracker with Blood Glucose/Carb Log by MyNetDiary By MyNetDiary Inc.

Is another great option with personalized diet advice, meal reminders, and rated 5/5 stars! This app can be yours for only $9.99

Know what you like

– You don’t have to pass on all your favorite foods! Indulge in a few using strict portion control, and be sure to keep track of what you’ve had.

– If you’re worried about what will be served, offer to bring your favorite dish to share. This way you can be in healthy, happy, and polite!

Controlled Eating

– Small plates make for smaller servings!

– Start with veggies first, that way you make sure to get the good stuff in early

– Take your time. Savor these few times a year foods and of course the company. Giving our brains time to realize we’re full is a good tip for any time of the year.

Pack in some Zzzz’s

– Sleep loss can contribute to more difficult blood sugar control and affect diet. When your body is sleep deprived, we tend to eat more and crave high-fat high sugar food.

– Increased sleep will ensure everyone is in a good mood too! Especially if there are a lot of little ones in the family.

Healthy Hydration

Water, water, water! Our bodies need it to run, water can help curb unwelcome appetites, and it’s calorie free.

Drinks are calorie and sugar packed ninjas who try to sneak past us as harmless liquids. Use moderation for non-water drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol can lower blood sugar to dangerous levels. It’s recommended women only have 1 drink per day, and only 2 drinks per day for men.

One drink equals 4 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, 1 ounce of distilled spirits.

Stay Active

This could mean going to the gym or participating in a local Holiday Run or walk (i.e. Turkey Trot).

But activity can be as simple as:

  • taking the family on a stroll of the neighborhood
  • starting a friendly football or soccer game in the yard
  • Taking a full mall lap to window shop before going into stores (that’s usually an easy mile!)
  • Even just offering to help clean up to get moving after the meal

Sunlight and time spent outdoors will help the whole family feel happy and healthy.

Reason for the Season

Finally, and most importantly, remember to slow down and cherish your family and friends. Celebrating and connecting with the people you love will shift the focus to having fun, and not on food.

From our StickyJ Medical ID family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful Holidays!, CDC, NIH