Medical Alert Bracelets: What to Engrave

One of the most common questions we receive in our customer service department is 

“What should I engrave on my medical ID bracelet?

turquoise beaded medical alert bracelet for women

Here, my friend is your answer…straight from our experts. (We at Sticky Jewelry sell over 90,000 medical alert bracelets per year so yes, we do consider ourselves experts)! Here’s what to engrave on your medical alert bracelet for added safety and clarity.

After personally speaking with EMT’s, researching and hearing plenty of customer feedback we give you. 


  • When choosing between engraving options we recommend using black laser engraving in a clear font. We understand that this makes your condition “stand out” more on your jewelry, but it could potentially save your life. When the EMT or hospital is searching for information, every second counts. 


  • First and foremost on the front side and first line of your jewelry item engrave your medical condition! This is the most important piece of information on your medical jewelry and the most time-sensitive if you are unable to respond. If the bracelet is being worn for allergy alert purposes, the allergy would be on “line one” instead. 
Pink Sports Strap Diabetic Bracelets for Women and Men


How to “word” your allergies:


  • If the allergy is the main purpose of the ID, write the allergy out. For example: “Peanut Allergy.” If you have a main medical condition but also happen to have allergies to medications, we recommend writing “NO” and then the medication name. For example: engrave “NO PENICILLIN” rather than “PENICILLIN ALLERGY.”

We also have many awesome and fun bracelets for kids with food or insect allergies that are waterproof, such as this cute button…

Bee Allergy Childrens Bracelet Button

that fits into this bracelet!

Waterproof rubber orange childrens medical ID bracelet


  • We recommend having only your medical condition and/or allergies on the front and nothing else. 


What should I engrave on the back?:

  • On the back of your item, first, engrave your name for identification purposes. 


  • After your name, engrave only “ICE” and then the phone number for an emergency contact. “ICE” stands for “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.” 

      For example: “ICE 555-555-1234” 

They do not need to know the name of the person they are contacting, they only need your name and someone’s phone number in order to relay information to the person on the phone. 

  • If room permits, now is the time to list the medications you are taking, as well as the dosage. 

      For example: “Coumadin 200MG”

What if I can’t fit all of my information on the alert jewelry?:

If you have too much pertinent medical information to fit onto your medical alert bracelet (or you really don’t want your condition on there) you can have “see wallet card” engraved and simply keep a detailed, clearly written (and always updated!) wallet card in a prominent place within your wallet. 
  • To help you out, a printed ‘fold over’ medical ID wallet card that we designed with you in mind is available for just $1 with all medical orders placed through Sticky Jewelry
medical identification card


  • You can also purchase one of our items that have “see other side” engraved for privacy purposes.
medical ID bracelet plaque "See Other Side"


We hope this post was helpful to you if you ever have any other questions about any of our products feel free to contact Sticky Jewelry Customer Service.

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