Medical ID Bracelets Are Fine Jewelry Too

 gold and silver medical alert bracelets
It is hard to imagine that it was only 1963 when the first medical alert bracelets came into being. Their purpose was to warn first responders of a potential health problem, had the wearer of the ID bracelet been unable to communicate themselves. The idea caught on, and the symbols used were made available to those in the jewelry industry, free of charge. The problem was always that the techniques for engraving them were incredibly cost-prohibitive. Today, with the invention of computerized engraving, the costs are considerably reduced and therefore medical jewelry made with precious metals such as gold and sterling silver has been made available to everyone at truly affordable prices.
dainty gold medical alert necklace for women
gold medical alert bracelet for women
The introduction of computer technology also made it possible for the medical alert bracelets to become more fashionable. Custom ID bracelets can now be made of a variety of metals and styles. They are available for men, women, and children. No longer are the choices limited to bulky gold bands that stick out like sore thumbs. While the purpose of the bracelet is to draw attention to your health condition, be it diabetes, food or drug allergies, a heart condition, or one of any number of conditions, the information is intended for health care professionals who know what to look for on a medical bracelet.
sterling silver medical ID bracelet for women
Of course, you still want for your jewelry to be attractive and a complementary part of your ensemble, not necessarily a billboard for the world to know you have a health concern. Fortunately, the latest technology gives you greater choices in your medical condition alert bracelet. Style, design, color, and more are now choices you have when selecting your bracelet. You can still dress stylishly while remaining confident that your medical jewelry will speak for you when you cannot.
engravable rose gold medical alert bracelet for women
Here at StickyJ Medical ID, we carry a lovely selection of fine jewelry consisting of gold and sterling silver choices. These products are eye catching but in a sleek, classic way. All of our fine medical alert bracelets are engraved with our traditional needle etching and computer option.  The results are beautiful and most of our gold medical bracelets provide sufficient space to include a medical condition and emergency contact instructions.
For fine medical jewelry that you’ll want to wear visit our site today.

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