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Medical Jewelry: A 2016 Resolution You Need to Keep

27th May 2022

Resolve to wear your Medical Jewelry -2016 Resolution

Setting New Year’s resolutions in early January is common practice for many people; sadly, so is losing that resolve by March.

We here at StickyJ Medical ID want to give you a resolution that will be easy to keep this year!

Put on your stylish, life-saving medical jewelry…and keep it on!

We want you to make your health a priority this year. Eating healthy and regular exercise is undoubtedly important to the goal, but protecting yourself in case of an emergency is just as important!

Are you an athlete or enjoy being adventurous outside? StickyJ has a huge variety of non-tarnish durable stainless steel, waterproof silicone, and the popular paracord medical jewelry options for you! Don’t let your medical condition slow any of your new active resolutions or old outdoor hobbies.

Business professionals aren’t left out! One of our elegant pieces in gold or sterling silver will pass any classy inspection. We provide fashion flexibility for your casual, formal, and business attire all while keeping yourself safe; making this resolution a piece of cake…unless you aren’t eating cake, then it’s just really easy.

engravable sterling silver medical bracelet

Already own a piece of Medical Jewelry that’s been sitting in your jewelry box for a while? Old information may not be enough to save your life. Don’t forget to update the following information:

  • Emergency contacts – update all contacts you want to be notified in the event of an emergency. Ensure your loved ones are aware they are designated contacts.
  • New medications/dosages – medications change all the time, make sure you’ve got the right one!
  • Personal physician information – Have you recently switched doctors? It’s important to have all updated contact information for your physician on your medical jewelry.

Updating new medical information on your jewelry just gives you a reason to upgrade to a classic or trendy new design!

Revolve your Resolves

To wrap up, I want to leave you with 10 great ideas to add to your resolutions that don’t involve a scale, Nicorette, or a piggy bank (all of which can be a little stressful).

10. Live with gratitude – We are generally faster to complain then thank. Change that a little each day!

9. Be present- Put down the technology! Or just cut back, and enjoy our world!

8. Be proactive about healthcare- I have a bad habit of knowing I need an eye exam or a dental cleaning and “forgetting” to schedule the appointments. Join me this year, in putting aside discomfort and “sucking it up”.

7. De-clutter- “What If I Need It Some Day?” I like being prepared, but this year I want to set a goal to go through one thing (one box, one drawer, one bag, one closet, etc) every week.

6. Cook- food prep can be quite stressful and eating happens in half the time it should. If you like to cook, try to ‘savor’ it more this year.

5. Read- TMZ, email, and Facebook don’t count… find a book that interests you and set aside time to challenge your mind and imagination!

4. Experience. Anyone who knows me for a short while knows I’m frugal and always aim to be financially responsible. This year I choose to loosen the purse a little to LIVE the wonderful life I’ve worked for.

3. Volunteer- Not somewhere you won’t like. Find something you’re interested in and ask how you can help!

2. Journal- don’t aim to make Oprah’s book list, just write. Even if it’s only 1 good thing that happens each day. Journal the most simplest events of your life and then look back on your journal a year later and compare where you were to where you are.

1. Enjoy- the great, the good, and the bad. Life is a gift; unwrap it and enjoy!

Whatever your 2016 resolution, we wish you the best of luck. From all of us here at StickyJ Medical Jewelry, happy New Year!