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StickyJ Medical ID and sister company Thoughtful Impressions have been family owned and operated for more than 23 years. The company is led by CEO Lori Torman, who has an eye for great quality and classic styles. In the early days of medical id bracelets (we're talking 1960's), medical alert bracelets were pretty boring -- basically engraved metal tags with curb link chains. The same styles were offered for children, just smaller (no wonder kids didn't want to wear them). And, by the end of the 20th century things hadn't improved that much. Lori was among the first to recognize that medical id's could be fashion conscious, and in 2005 launched designs in leather as well as stainless, and introduced polyester kids medical id bracelets that had cute designs. The sport strap line of child medical id's she introduced nearly 20 years ago is still the most popular line of children's medical jewelry on the market today, but now we've added Minecraft Medical ID bracelets for Kids and Adults, and we now produce more than 100 different styles of medical alert bracelets and necklaces for men and women. Our engraved bracelets are individually custom engraved by our team of master engravers, shipped within three (M-F) business days from the date you order, and all products come with a 90 warranty against manufacturing defects. Please come and shop with us today. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

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Medical Jewelry for Young Women Gaining Popularity?

Medical Jewelry for Young Women Gaining Popularity?

19th Apr 2022

medical jewelry for young women

Medical Jewelry for Young Women

Medical jewelry popularity is on the rise! Unfortunately, in conjunction with this, medical issues for young women are also on the rise.

Some of the major health concerns that are currently affecting young women are Lupus, Type 2 Diabetes, Myasthenia Gravis, Dysmenorrhea, Depression, Anxiety, Food Allergies, Breast Cancer, ADHD, PTSD, Chron’s Disease, and Epilepsy.

insulin dependent medical bangle bracelet

If you have a medical condition, it’s beneficial to wear a medical bracelet to speak to first responders just in case you become unable to communicate for yourself. For example, if you have food allergies and you have an allergic reaction, you’ll need to be able to tell first responders of your condition so they know how to properly administer help to you.

Medical jewelry is being made these days to satisfy the needs of men, women, and kids of all ages. If you’re a 20 something single girl that needs a medical ID to wear on a night out on the town, there are stylish medical bracelets and necklaces that’ll look great with your LBD (little black dress). Stackable leather medical bracelets or rose gold minimalist jewelry choices are excellent options for young women with health conditions. In most cases, these medical ID’s can be engraved on both the front and back sides to indicate your medical condition and emergency contact info, plus any medicines you take or require, should a problem occur.

black and gold medical alert braceletblack and copper medical bracelet

No more are the days of thick, heavy, ugly, barely legible medical bracelets made only with stainless steel that fit the styles of 60 years ago. Nowadays, medical jewelry is comfortable, its lightweight, it’s elegant and with modern laser engraving, the medical alert jewelry can be customized so that it’s easy to read without being overbearing. Online medical jewelry stores like StickyJ Medical ID sell medical ID jewelry in gold, sterling silver, leather, and more that’s affordable and fashionable.

rose gold medical bar necklace

Mix and match medical alert bracelets are popular selections for young women because they let you choose a few different looks to go with your day to night to weekend wardrobes. These custom bracelets let you choose differing medical tags in various colors, patterns, and shapes to attach to interchangeable bracelets.

If you’re a young woman, with a medical condition, make sure you put your safety first, order yourself a stylish medical ID that you’ll actually be excited to wear!