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Mindfulness Meditation – Improve Health & Ease Stress

Mindfulness Meditation – Improve Health & Ease Stress

18th Apr 2022

mindfulness relieve stress and improve health

One of the biggest challenges we all face with our health is stress. Stress comes in many shapes and forms. For some, it’s easier to manage than others. Depending on your past, your mental wellness, health issues, family and work-life; your stress could be higher than you realize. Learning how to and practicing mindfulness meditation is being proven over and over again to reduce stress-levels and manage wellness in many forms.

Ways to Practice Mindfulness –

If you’re new to mindfulness, it’s really quite simple. It involves you taking time to connect with your internal self. It involves slowing down, Resting your body and mind. Sit in a quiet space, and just allow your thoughts to wash on past you. Don’t give them your attention, just let them pass on through. Focus on your breathing and focus on being still. For beginners, it’s best to do this somewhere on your own, with your eyes closed. For many, listening to quiet, meditation music is helpful. For others, they practice their mindfulness out in the quiet depths of nature.

Stress-Relieving Effects –

Mindfulness meditation is being proven by scientific researchers more frequently with the rise of attention being given to it in western culture, to be effective in reducing stress. By removing stress from our bodies and minds, we decrease our risk for heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, and possibly more health conditions which can arise from the ill effects of stress. It can help you to tune into your body. It has been shown to increase appreciation for one’s self, often times leading to eating better and exercising.

stainless steel heart medical id necklace

Boosting Progress –

By practicing mindfulness, you can help increase your focus. You can begin to accomplish more every day. You can begin building stronger relationships with the people in your life. Your mood will enhance. You’ll find yourself becoming less restless. It will be easier to de-escalate yourself if you feel yourself beginning to become enraged or overtaken by sudden emotions which ultimately lead to anxiety and panic attacks. Mindfulness is a helper to those who do it and to those who are connected to someone practicing it. Mindfulness can help entire communities if applied on a mass scale. When you’re being mindful, it’s hard to be upset, to lash out, to cause others distress.

If you fear you lack the time or discipline to employ a mindfulness practice your life – just think of all the time you waste being stressed and upset. If you start with five minutes a day for one week, by the next week, it should become easier and your mindfulness will help you to learn new ways to reach more time and discipline to increase your mindfulness sessions. There are even mindfulness software applications you can install on your mobile devices to help you along.

mindfulness practice woman in yogic pose

Life is short, make the best of it. Select a mindfulness practice that’s right for you and move towards living a less stressful life today!

*Please keep in mind, mindfulness is not scientifically proven to cure disease and if you’re experiencing real issues with your health, it’s important that you see your medical doctor.*