National Diabetes Awareness Month

diabetes jewelry pendant
engraved diabetic jewelry

The American Diabetes Association estimates that there are nearly 26 million people in America who are currently living with diabetes.  November is national diabetes awareness month and in honor of that, we’d like to highlight a few of the most recent additions to our diabetes medical jewelry collection.  While we do not cater exclusively to people with diabetes, we do specialize in medical ID’s and understand how important they are to people with medical conditions such as diabetes.

Red Sports Strap Diabetic Bracelets

We also understand that a lot of our customers who wear medical jewelry (such as diabetes patients) do so because their illness forces them to wear medical alert jewelry nearly 24/7.  As with all of our medical jewelry designs, we try to provide the most fashionable diabetic jewelry possible for people with diabetes (hopefully making the jewelry a little less burdensome to wear).  The pictures in this post are just a couple of our favorite diabetic bracelets and pendants.  Please visit the StickyJ website to see our entire selection of diabetic jewelry.


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