New Velcro ID Bracelets for Runners

blue alert id bracelet
Green Medical ID Bracelet

For several years now, our sports strap bracelets for children have been a huge hit with kids and parents alike.  Inspired by the design of those durable bracelets, we’re now launching a new line of nylon and Velcro bracelets geared toward adults who like to run, bike, or spend a lot of time outdoors.  These new

runners bracelets come in a variety of colors, as well as medical and non-medical versions.

Whether you have a medical condition that you need to have listed on a medical alert bracelet while you’re out & about, or you’d just like to have your identification and emergency contact listed for emergency situations, these bracelets are great for the active lifestyle.  Because of the Velcro design, these straps are adjustable all the way up to 7 1/2″.  The stainless steel ID tag is also affixed to the bracelet with Velcro.  Not only does this give you extra room for engraving important information, but if the ID tag is damaged in some way, or your medical information changes, you can simply replace the plaque without having to purchase an entirely new bracelet.

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