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Nutrition Month – March Focuses on Food Wellness!

Nutrition Month – March Focuses on Food Wellness!

19th Apr 2022

sandwich with scale nutrition month

Countless books, videos, projects, magazines, exercise programs and motivational speakers have made entire careers from giving advice on nutrition. Since 1980, National Nutrition Month has been observed in March as a positive effort to promote food wellness and safety in children and adults everywhere.

Nutrition month efforts involve campaigns fighting childhood and adult hunger through various initiatives with local food pantries. In addition to food pantries donating food, food sustainability programs have been popping up all over as a way to educate people young and old about how to grow their own food, how to make their food last longer through composting and propagation and teach various methods in food production, gardening, and healthy eating.

strawberry gardening crops

Due to the continuous increase of population in large countries such as the United States, China, and India, it’s become increasingly important to focus on food sustainability so future generations don’t have to worry about going hungry.

Here are some tips for learning about and engaging in food wellness:

  • Learn about how food connects to the earth
  • Take a class or workshop with a focus on learning about growing your own food
  • Educate yourself on working to eliminate food waste
  • Find out which plants yield healthy crops in your local landscape
  • Understand what foods promote wellness and foods to avoid such as fast food
  • Start your own food garden incorporating fruits and vegetables
  • Learn about the environmental impacts of mass food production especially beef
  • Get involved with a garden co-op and food pantry
  • Share what you learn with friends and family to spread awareness!
  • Decrease encounters with food allergies through education

peanut allergy button

Nutrition month is more than just eating better so that you can lose weight and look a certain way. Nutrition month is a gateway to learn more about food to increase your health and the health of others. To decrease the percentage of people with Diabetics and other nutrition deprived and overeating illnesses which can lead to the need for gastric bypass procedures. Globally, and especially here in America, the shift should be made from focusing on food as a source of pleasure and instant gratification to being a source of nutrition and a way to communicate the importance of good health now and in the future.