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What is it that people are really ultimately looking for in their medical alert jewelry?  Is is style?  Is it comfort? Is it durability?  Or, perhaps it’s versatility… Whatever the goal may be, at StickyJMedical, we’ve got all of those bases covered with an extensive line of medical jewelry which comes in various shapes, colors, materials and styles and to showcase this in the best possible way, we’re going to provide you with a list of our top five best-selling medical jewelry products.

1. pretty medical bracelets for women First in line is our best seller as of late.  This steel floral patterned adjustable bracelet is actually a new item we just began selling just over a month ago and we’ve already sold out of most of the color and pattern choices we offer.  The bracelet is a favorite because it is beautiful while remaining modern and trendy.  It is also comfortable and adjustable with its easy slide on/off straps and moveable clasp.  There is more than enough room to have custom medical details engraved onto the back and it’s available in a large assortment of colors.

2. blue sports strap medical id bracelet The second item we’d like to talk about is our very popular sports strap bracelet with engravable surgical grade steel engravable plaque. This bracelet is ideal for athletes.  The strap material is nylon and polyester.  It wraps and stays closed with Velcro.  You can attach a couple of different style plaques which can be engraved with unique medical details on both the front and back surfaces with laser or traditional engraving methods.  This particular style bracelet is available with us in a variety of colors.

3. drawstring black steel medical bracelet for men  Next in line, is our black steel drawstring bracelet.  The plaque is wide enough to provide adequate space for engraving a bit more than just a medical condition.  It has aesthetic appeal, plus the macrame strap is incredibly comfortable to touch and wear for hours on end.  An added bonus to this style bracelet is that it’s adjustable.

4. aluminum medical alert necklace This aluminum dog tag is popular due to its light weight, attractive look and amount of engraving space.  Typically, persons with lots of medical conditions and medications will purchase an item such as this so that they can list all of their medical safety details legibly.  A rubber silencer can be added for a small cost and this type of dog tag is available with StickyJMedical in a variety of colors.

5.medical alert tag see other side Last, but certainly not least is our “See Other Side” medical id tag.  This has been an incredibly popular item of ours for years now.  It comes with a pre-engraved medical symbol and see other side to alert medical personnel that important id details and medical information are listed on the back.  It has a nice appearance and can fit any budget.

Stop by our website today and check out our best selling medical jewelry to find a look and feel that meets your needs.

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