Sticky Jewelry & JDRF Team Up to Find a Cure

This week Sticky Jewelry released an article (through PRWeb) detailing their participation in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) “Walk to Cure Diabetes.”

Sticky Jewelry & JDRF Team Up to Find a Cure: “…Among other projects and organizations, Sticky Jewelry has recently teamed up with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to meet the needs of real people in the community. By working with the JDRF, Sticky Jewelry is striving to meet both the immediate needs of diabetic people within the community (by providing them with life-saving tools such as medical identification jewelry) and the long-term need of finding a cure for diabetes – JDRF’s mission is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research. On April 18th Sticky Jewelry employees participated in JDRF’s ‘Walk to Cure Diabetes’ to help raise awareness and funds for the organization. Additionally, other members of the Sticky Jewelry staff set up a table to inform people about medical IDs and field their questions regarding medical identification jewelry.” (PRWeb May 2, 2009) You can read the full story at

StickyJ Medical ID is a leading online retailer of diabetic jewelry.  The diabetic jewelry collection at StickyJ Medical ID provides a great range of medical ID bracelets, medical alert necklaces, medical charms, ID tags and more.  Most of which can be custom engraved with details regarding your diabetic condition.  Just as doesn’t diabetes doesn’t discriminate in who it targets, neither does StickyJ Medical ID — they carry a range of medical jewelry for everyone from children to seniors.  Styles can be fancy utilizing elegant gold or sterling silver.

adjustable leather diabetic bracelets

But, if you’re needing something a bit more durable, leather, nylon, rubber, and paracord are appealing available options as well.  In addition to being fashionable, the diabetic bracelets at StickyJ Medical ID are affordable, plus if you have a flex spending account, you can pay for your specialty medical bracelet that way.


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